ERC-5189: Zero-Cost Account Abstraction

ERC-5189 is a ready-to-use decentralized mempool. Compatible with existing smart contracts. Zero on-chain costs.

Flexible fees

Users pay fees in ERC-20s or using native currencies. No need to swap.

Zero cost

Your gas costs remain intact. ERC-5189 has no overhead.


Supports all opcodes. ERC-5189 doesn’t tell you how to build your smart wallet.

Why ERC-5189?

ERC-5189 enables all account abstraction wallets to relay transactions without using a centralized relayer.

AA SupportYesYes
Gas overheadConsiderable gas cost increaseNone
Supported operationsOnly ERC-4337Any. ERC-4337, ERC-20 Permits, Opensea orders, ERC-2771, etc.
On-chain dependenciesEntrypoint contractNone
Points of failureSingleton entrypointNone
Supports nested AA signersNoYes
Forbidden opcodesManyNone
CompatibilityOnly ERC-4337ERC-4337 and ERC-5189
Compatibility with EIP-3074NoYes
Compatibility with EIP-7702YesYes

How does ERC-5189 work?

To build a mempool, mempool operators need a way to filter safe operations from unsafe ones. ERC-5189 communicates this information and “meta-logic” to independent contracts called “endorsers”. They are never called on-chain or during a transaction. They are free to use.

The smart wallet remains simple

contract Wallet { address public signer; ... }

contract Endorser { function isOperationReady; }

The endorser contains the complexity

Endorsers are decoupled from smart wallets, allowing any wallet to leverage any endorser. This means you can create a new endorser without making changes to your smart contract wallet. There is no need to implement specific interfaces or enforce any specific entrypoint. Your wallet can be the entrypoint. This means that:

  • Endorsers are risk-free

  • Rapid iteration

  • No need for wallet updates to update the endorser

Learn more about ERC-5189

Unlock the potential of zero-cost account abstraction — powered by the team at Sequence

Test out ERC-5189

Sequence built an endorser for ERC-20s. This means you can send any ERC-20 token without owning ETH, with any wallet, AA or not.



Find out more about the open-source "Alpha" bundler implementation


Streamlining AA transactions, supporting innovation in wallet development, and maintaining transaction integrity.